Like fruits, should I prefer eating one type of nut at a time, or can they be mixed?

Like fruits, should I prefer eating one type of nut at a time, or can they be mixed?

Yes, according to the Satvic lifestyle, it is acceptable to consume a combination of different types of nuts and seeds in the same meal. All nuts and seeds contain protein and fat as their primary nutritional components, with variations in the percentage of fats and protein composition among different varieties.

For instance, almonds, cashews, and peanuts all contain fat, but almonds have a higher fat content than cashews and peanuts. Conversely, peanuts have a higher protein content than cashews and almonds. When consuming a mix of these nuts and seeds, the body releases similar types of digestive enzymes, unlike in the case of fruits.

In contrast, the Satvic lifestyle recommends eating similar kinds of fruits together because different fruits, such as sweet fruits (like mangoes) and citric fruits (like oranges), require different digestive juices to be released by the stomach. Therefore, when it comes to nuts and seeds, combining various types within a meal is generally considered acceptable within the Satvic dietary principles.

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