Is sharbati wheat flour good for type 2 diabetes?

Is sharbati wheat flour good for type 2 diabetes?

Yes, Sharbati Wheat Flour is healthier than the normal wheat flours commonly sold in the market and is better than them for consumption by diabetics.  However, consuming sharbati wheat flour alone does not help in diabetes particularly. We need to understand the root cause of having diabetes, which is the accumulation of waste in the colon. You must remove unwanted foreign matter from your body to get rid of excess weight. Watch the following video by Satvic Movement on detoxification to learn more about detoxing your body. 

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Another aspect that matters with diseases is our emotions and our connection with self, the Divine & mother nature. The emotions of stress, fear, insecurity, anger, greed, envy, ego, rejection, anxiety, complaint, comparison, dissatisfaction, lack of gratitude, etc. and disconnection from our 'True selves' & the 'Supreme Father' play a vital role. To connect to your 'true self' & the divine, you can register for the Free online 7-day Rajyoga Meditation Course. Please WhatsApp at 7087089000.

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