I have received my order in a damaged or broken state, what should I do?

I have received my order in a damaged or broken state, what should I do?

To ensure a smooth resolution process, please send us a photograph of the damaged or broken item on the same day of delivery. If it is evident that the damage occurred during delivery or was due to the company's fault, we will take immediate action to address the issue and provide the necessary assistance. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are committed to doing the needful to resolve any such incidents promptly. Thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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    • Can I place an order online and pick up my order from your godown?

      Absolutely! If you reside in Amritsar, you have the convenient option to place an order online and personally pick up your order from our designated pick-up location in the city. Here's our address for your reference: VecRas Creations Pvt Ltd 11 ...
    • Will I get an invoice for my order?

      Upon completion of your order, you will receive an invoice via email. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have chosen not to provide a physical invoice to conserve paper. Thank you for supporting our eco-friendly practices.
    • How Can I Place an Order or Purchase Your Products?

      We extend our warmest greetings of peace to you! We're thrilled that you're interested in experiencing our range of products. You can easily purchase them from various platforms 1. Website: You can explore our full range of organic vegan Satvic ...
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      When it comes to initiating a refund for order cancellations or product returns, our foremost aim is to ensure a swift and seamless process. Ordinarily, we endeavor to kickstart the refund immediately upon the cancellation of an order. However, it's ...