How is cacao powder processed?

How is cacao powder processed?

Raw cacao powder is obtained from organic cacao beans. Its processing involves the following steps:

  • Fermentation - The beans (with some sticky pulp still clinging on) are put into bins and covered for a few days so microbes that feed on the pulp can ferment the beans. This process allows the beans to develop a distinctive chocolate flavour and aroma.

  • Drying - The fermented beans are dried for several days. 

  • Roasting - The beans are slowly roasted at low temperatures to develop flavour. 

  • Crushing - These beans are then cracked and winnowed to separate the outer shell and inner cacao nibs.

  • Grinding - The delicious cacao nibs are then milled into powder. This process keeps the enzymes, minerals, and nutrients intact. 

That's how we get raw cacao powder. It tastes bitter than cocoa powder but offers more nutritional content as it is pure. 

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